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Value Investing in Real Estate

High quality neighborhoods with limited price volatility

Discount to intrinsic market value

Cash flow yield focused

Long Term Orientation

Applying a disciplined strategy over a long investment horizon.

Full Service Portfolio
for Real Estate Lifecycle

Services for the full investment lifecycle:
Valuation analysis, acquisition, remodeling, re-leasing and resale.

Commercial and Residential
Property Investments

Servicing both new and seasoned real estate investors in all property types.

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Real Estate Value Investment

At Real IQ, we help our clients apply the core tenets of the value investing philosophy to the real estate market. Both new and seasoned real estate investors apply the same disciplined strategy:

Buy properties at a discount to intrinsic value in order to establish a margin of safety

Target high-quality neighborhoods in the urban core that experience below average market price volatility

Follow a planned investment program (12 – 15 years) and hold through market cycles

Focus on cash flow yield to benefit from long-term compounding of returns